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Who We Are? - Melodika Sound Production

Who We Are?

  • Was established in year 1995 by Didem and Taylan Oğuz.
  • In year 1999 by gathering the best vocal artists in our country together, built a sound cast part for commercials, introductive films and operator vocalizing.
  • Moving to its current address in Levent in year 2001, Melodika formed its sound studios and location recording crews.
  • In year 2007 together with new restructuring, it also put Dolby approved mixing studio for cinema films into operation.  It also added Final Cut HD and Smoke 2K video montage units to its organization.

Currently it is working with 7 sound studios working with Pro Tools HD, film crew with 6 sounds and equipment, 3 Final Cut HD and Smoke video edit systems, digital and analog betacam vtrs and sound cast in production and post production fields to offer perfect service.

Since 1995…
500 +Clients
1500 +Projects
150Dubbing Artists
100000 +Recording